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Announcement: Alter The Press! 2010 Compilation Series

After releasing 2 well-received compilations in 2009, we are proud to announce we will be releasing 4 seperate compilations throughout 2010 with each compilation being between 15 to 20 tracks.

The first of these compilations known as 'ATP! 2010.01' will be released as a free download on January 4th 2010.

Track Listing:

The Wonder Years - Melrose Diner
Life On Repeat - Southern Girls
This Time Next Year - New Sensation
Tell It To The Marines - My New Best Friend
Pharaohs - Space Is A Waste of Space
Tiger Please - Without Country
So Many Dynamos - New Bones
Bury Your Dead - Hurting Not Helping
These Furrows - Without Manner You Grace Us
Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely State) - What Safe Mean

Tracks from Luke Leighfield and Cuba Cuba will also be included.

More to be announced soon.

If you are interested in contributing to the compilation, you can e-mail Sean or use our SoundCloud link at the side. Please include an e-mail address when using this method.

Both of our 2009 compilations are still available to download for free:
Download Spring/Summer 2009 Compilation
Download Autumn/Winter 2009 Compilation

Alter The Press!