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Interview: Crime In Stereo

Prior to the band's opening slot with Brand New at the House Of Blues in Boston, Kristian Hallbert of Bridge Nine's Crime In Stereo sat down with Alter The Press for a brief interview.

Hallbert spoke to ATP about the band's forthcoming album 'I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone', touring with Brand New in the US and more.

Alter The Press: How has the tour with Brand New going so far?
Kristian Hallbert: Its been amazing. Its always fun touring with friends. They create a really positive environment which makes the transition from small venues to these larger ones much easier for a band like us.

ATP: How did you hook up with the Brand New guys?
KH: We all grew up together and come from the same town. Alex (Dunne - guitarist) was in his first band with some of those guys years ago.

ATP: For anyone who doesn't know, how did Crime In Stereo originate?
KH: We started in 2002 in Scottie's (Giffin - drums) basement. We were all in the same circle of friends. Alex, me and our one time bass player Mike were in Poughkeepsie NY with Brand New, who was playing with Murphy's Law and Taking Back Sunday. Mike and Alex had a zine called Switchblade Fanzine. They were interviewing Brand New and I was taking pictures. We rode out to the show with them and at some point Alex said he wanted to start a band. His previous band had just broken up and I had mentioned Scotty our mutual friend played drums and that was that.

ATP: The new album, 'I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone', describe it in your own words.
KH: It is far more of a live oriented record than 'Crime In Stereo Is Dead' was. It is definitely a progression as well. It's super heavy at times and pretty and soft at others.

ATP: Why was there a three year gap between the new album and 'Crime In Stereo Is Dead'?
KH: When 'Crime In Stereo Is Dead' came out, we had waited 3-4 months before starting the touring cycle for it. We toured very heavily in the states on it. It really didn't in anyway seem like it was three years but here we are.

ATP: When will you be coming to the UK?
KH: We are planning to be over right around the time we release the record. We've been itching to get back since our last time with New Found Glory. Super stoked to be playing the new material for the UK as well.

ATP: If you could pick which band you would like to tour with, who would it be?
KH: We have been fortunate enough to have toured with some amazing bands. Hopefully we can do a Modest Mouse/Hot Water Music/Jimmy Eat World/CIS tour one day.

ATP: What is planned up until the release of the new album?
KH: We are finishing up the Brand New Tour. We will be home for the holidays rehearsing and preparing for the New Year. You will see us often next year. Come by and say hello.

'I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone' is out February 23rd, 2010 on Bridge Nine Records.
- Jon Ableson

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