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Album Review: Crime In Stereo - I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone

Crime In Stereo's last album, '...Is Dead' was a change in direction for the Long Island band. A more melodic take on the post-hardcore scene, rather than the bands previous hardcore punk output. 'I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone' in some ways picks up where '...Is Dead' left off. 'Que Moderns' provides a dark and quite eerie opening, that leads into 'Drugwolf', an energetic number that is dominated by drums and distant vocals, as the band firmly establish they're going to do the standard, conventional post-hardcore thing.

Dramatic breakdowns and guitar parts provide an element of grandness, which when combined the bands attention-grabbing lyrics make for something special indeed. Tracks like 'Exit Halo' and 'Odalisque' challenge the band and the genre, with the latter taking on soft-loud template and turning it up to 10, but at the same time keeping depth and progressiveness.

Whereas 'Not Dead' has plenty of bite and angst, that leans to the bands roots with a chorus that wails, as rough over-distorted guitars battle with Kristian Hallbert's vocals. This is something that is seen continuously, although it does not become irritating.

Throughout moments filled with delicate guitar tones and melodies, shows the band are capable to add variation at any moment, even if at times it seems a little irrational. 'Young' at first settles you down, with soft guitar notes before waking up with thrashing drums, eventually leading into a laid back, melodic full-band section.

Towards the end 'I Am Everything I Am Not' brings about an epic feeling, with a running bass line and distant guitars being complimented well by Hallbert's battered voice. The same could be said for 'Dark Island City', a sombre number with a brooding pace that is welcomed by squealing guitars near the end, that leads into closing track 'I Cannot Answer You Tonight', which rounds off the album well. It takes the bands upbeat post-hardcore side and blends it with the progressive, somewhat experimental side to the fullest.

For those who were displased with the bands direction on '...Is Dead' won't probably like this. As 'I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone' builds on the strong elements of the former and shows a band who can be challenging, both for themselves and the listener. At times it is hard to understand what the band are trying to do, but you equally appreciate the bands willingness to add depth and variation, especially to a genre; that at times, can be stale. Although the element of progressiveness does not alienate the listener, as on the whole Crime In Stereo have crafted a record that is interesting and enjoyable.


'I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone' by Crime In Stereo is released February 23rd on Bridge Nine Records.

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Sean Reid

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