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Album Review: Maycomb - Crystal Tiger Blues

All Aboard Records' latest signee's, Maycomb have managed grown an acceptable fanbase over the last year or so, with shows with the likes of Not Advised, The Wonder Years and All or Nothing under their belts, their 2nd EP 'Crystal Tiger Blues' hopes to build on and establish the band further.

Opening track ('Hope House') is your standard upbeat pop-rock with nice production, which thankfully doesn't go down the sickly pop route. Instead we are given a steady, bouncy number that allows the listener to relax and enjoy the track.

'All I Know Is My Gut Says "Maybe"' continues the bands use of power/barre chords, which gives flowness to the EP, although not that lively. Nevertheless the strong, subtle use of harmonies in the bridge, shows potential.

Whereas 'Ghost Story' is more rockier, with light guitars complimenting during the verse. In addition Simon McCoy's vocals stand out on the track. 'Always The Courage' proves to be the strongest track on here, with a brilliant chorus with a good structure, especially in the drumming department

Closing number 'Whatever Happened, Happened' defines what Maycomb are all about; bright, guitar-driven songs with accessible choruses, that are just fun to hear.

Maycomb may not stand out from the crowd and countless others in the British pop-punk "scene" but 'Crystal Tiger Blues' shows they are willing to make it happen. They have all the characteristics, but a few tweaks here and there could do the job. Nevertheless given a chance and a few listens, Maycomb could be one to watch out for.


'Crystal Tiger Blues' by Maycomb is released on All Aboard Records on March 15th

Maycomb on MySpace.

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