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Album Review: Straight Lines - Persistence In This Game

Wales' Straight Lines provide a blistering yet melodic tone with their debut album, 'Persistence In This Game'. From the start 'Versus The Allegiance' shows the band can play with plenty of attitude and stomp, that catches your attention immediately.

What follows next is a mix of accessible, melodic British rock with tracks like 'Loose Change', with its appreciative blend of harmonies in the chorus, 'All My Friends Have Joined The Army', a laid back number with a plucky beat and 'To Be Honest' which is a straight up rock song, that along with 'Antics', somewhat wakes up the album.

Elsewhere 'The Ballad Of Peter Devine' proves to be one of the albums highlights, with its anthem-like structure and tone. Whilst closing track 'Set Me On Fire And Feed Me To The Wolves' bounces along at a nice, enjoyable pace that brings the record to a strong conclusion.

Nevertheless at 50 minutes long and with a couple filler tracks thrown in, 'Persistence In This Game' proves to be a good starting point for a band who have a lot going for them. Although expect to hear from them in the coming months, as this shows the band are very capable of writing good songs that aren't challenging yet for the most part, can't be ignored.


'Persistence In This Game' by Straight Lines is available now through Xtra Mile Records.

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