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Chad Gilbert Speaks Out About Solo Material

Chad Gilbert (of New Found Glory) posted a message via regarding the recent confusion over one of his new solo tracks, entitled, 'Thinkin' Bout Her'.

"This post is just to clean the air. Yesterday I released 3 solo songs on my new blog/music website. One of them called "Thinkin bout her" is a silly exaggerated love song about my past relationships. I want to stress the word "relationshipSSSSS". The other member of my band even wrote some of the words to this song. It was just a fun song singing about learning self confidence and celebrating it. In no way was it geared as an attack to any one person or to anyone at all. It was just a song. The people that have been hating on it and writing mega long posts have put a name to the song. Not I. You can write about anything in songs. Cannibal Corpse sing about eating people. The Decemberists sing about being stuck in the belly of a whale. I wrote a song about past LoveSSSSSS. A very common topic in songs. I never said it was about one person in particular. I haven't and still won't air dirty laundry and lash out to anyone. Life is too short and fragile, which I was recently reminded of after having a tumor removed from my neck a month ago.

I have been receiving amazing support from so many artists and fellow musicians and fans. This was blown way out of proportion for no reason. I feel sad for all parties involved. People jumped the gun and need to be happier in life.


P.S. Check out the song that started this whole thing at haha!"

Alter The Press!