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Aiden Postpone UK/Europe Tour

Aiden have postponed their forthcoming UK/Europe tour till December.

Front man, WiL Francis made the following statement:

"I recently posted that we were still coming overseas to do this tour. I guess I jumped the gun. Once Saosin pulled out of the tour a few of the promoters weren't to keen on having to pull the tickets in, refund them all, then issue new ones. That coupled with some of the shows having to change venues and us trying to find a new mode of transportation, the logistics of trying to pull all of this off in 3 weeks is nearly impossible.

It's unfair to the fans to have us show up and play some half assed shows that aren't done properly. We are NOT canceling the tour; we are just pushing it back to December. That way we can build a good package with great bands and have the tour be worth your money.

I know it's hard for everyone out there right now. The economy has everything twisted in knots. It's very hard to be in a band (Unless you're Metallica) and provide for a family at the same time. Believe me, all we want to do is come to your town and rock, and that is what we will do.

So in the mean time, instead of sitting around with our thumbs in our asses we have decided to make a new studio album. It's been over a year and a half since we recorded knives, we already have some killer new songs and feel it's time for a new adventure."

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