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Album Review: Blackstorm - Rise Rebel Seers EP

Their myspace defines them as "playing the heaviest of rock music", and with that in mind the EP's title track ('Rise Rebel Seers') opens the assault with a repetitive droning riff that drives throughout most of the song, sadly, without ever managing to elevate itself above the stereotypes of the genre. The same goes for Rise Rebel Seers closer 'Crash Every Mountain'. If it shows potential in its fast paced aggressiveness, it loses its early momentum by going on to unnecessary lengths.

However, the EP provides a decent mid-section with 'Weakened By Division' showing the bands better ideas by unleashing abrasive dual vocals over guitar lines served with a good amount of punch. On the downside, the song does seem to be backed by an uninspired rhythmic section delivering the same beat over and over again. 'Closing In' reveals a punkier side to the band, complimented by interesting clean vocal harmonies and a rhythmic department that seem more confident in its versatility. After two minutes of in-your-face punk, the song cuts off before you have time to get bored and ends with a heavy stoner groove making for an interesting balance.

Finally, standout track 'Then You'll Drown' kicks off in thrash metal fashion, building on a powerful pulse that showcases some of the band's musicianship. They experiment with more tightly spaced time-signature changes before nailing a hammering sludge metal groove. The song could easily end at the three minute mark, but they insist on delivering their most aggressive section yet before slowly fading to a solitary drumbeat to finish off the most inventive track on the EP.

Blackstorm certainly seem to have faith in themselves, and even if they do end up embodying a Tarantino-like patchwork of the heavier genres of rock, they do manage to create a few authentically interesting moments and it is only a shame that those sparks are only rare. All in all, 'Rise Rebel Seers' sounds like a band confident in their attack, and with a little experience, no doubt they'll achieve a sound worthy of their influences.


Rise Rebel Seers by Blackstorm is available on United By Fate Records.

Blackstorm on MySpace

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