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Album Review: Forever The Sickest Kids - The Weekend: Friday

Back in 2007 Forever The Sickest Kids were the next hottest "myspace band", Three years later and a record deal with Universal/Motown and one full-length under their belt. The Dallas, Texas 6-piece are set to release the first of 3 mini-albums in the UK later this March. 'The Weekend: Friday' will please the bands fanbase, as its instantly catchy, upbeat and full of adrenaline.

Whilst at times this sounds pretty acceptable, 'Tough Love' and 'She Likes (Bittersweet Love)' are pretty harmless and kinda fun to hear, although the latter has a guitar riff that rips-off some cheesy 80's pop classic I can't put my finger on.

However opening track 'Do Or Die' sounds like a horrid blend of guitar-based powerpop and euro pop, even if the chorus is catchy as fuck. 'Hip Hop Chick' sounds over-produced and backs up the bands labelling of being classed as a "boyband with guitars".

The records highlight proves to be 'Take It Slow', which is calling out for radio airplay and will have teenage girls jumping up and down at the bands live shows. Much like the band in general, they don't challenge themselves or loose momentum. It's just straight up powerpop, that is aimed at the masses and is there to enjoy.

'The Weekend: Friday' isn't anything special and is easily forgettable, especially the awful electronic, auto-tuned bonus track ('Hawkbot'). Whilst the band's earlier work, especially their 'Television Off, Party On EP' was highly favourable and was material you could helplessly have on repeat. 'The Weekend: Friday' ends up having you wanting to hit the stop button, as the bands style has become somewhat stale and especially predictable. If they continue at this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if they ditch the instruments altogether and we see music videos with synchronised dancing in the not too distant future.


'The Weekend: Friday' by Forever The Sickest Kids is released in the UK on March 29th and is available in the US now through Universal/Motown.

Sean Reid

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