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On Our Stereo: The Drums

Our latest installment of 'On Our Stereo' takes a strange twist, with Co-Editor Sean Reid highlighting up and coming New York band, The Drums.

After much hype and being tipped by the BBC, Clash magazine and NME for big things, The Drums manage to fulfil the hype surprisingly. With stripped down, catchy brand of indie pop, they have caused quite a stir on the UK shores, which has been backed up with a successful tour alongside The Maccabees, Bombay Bicycle Club and The Big Pink. This is to be followed up with a short UK tour and support slot with Brit Award winning Florence and The Machine.

Whilst fellow New Yorkers, The Strokes looked towards bands like Blondie, The Ramones and other mid-70's US punk bands during their breakthrough period. The Drums cross 80's new wave pop with Beach Boys-esque lyrical visions. Their 'Summertime' EP (released last year on Moshi Moshi) brought about a youthful, nostalgic feel that ironically sounds refreshing.

From the insanely addictive 'Let's Go Surfing', with its Cure-like bassline and Vampire Weekend delivery to the swooning 'Make You Mine' that subtly hints at 60's Motown.

'Let's Go Surfing'

Whilst 'Don't Be A Jerk' and 'Submarine' sees the 80's comparison make their mark, with Joy Division being one of the bands quickly coming to mind. 'Down By The Water' is beautifully haunting, 'Saddest Summer' is a more playful and plucky version of Vampire Weekend's low-fi indie pop.

Closing track 'I Felt Stupid' has your ended up checking what year it is, as the 80's new wave pop feel is in full effect. However the bands slight experimentation at the end of the track adds variation, to an otherwise enjoyable.

'I Felt Stupid'

The band's new single 'Best Friend' continues the nostalgic vibe, with its plucky bassline, sunswipe keyboards and a chorus built around "ohs" and "ahs". It's clear to say that the bands song writing is made for the summer's on the beach, despite the bands metropolitan background.

'Best Friend

Although the bands overall sound is throwback to past trends, they still manage to sound refreshing, exciting and have you wanting to hear more. Perhaps some may write them off as another "over-hyped NME/hipster band" but only time will tell, as The Drums nostalgic indie pop ironically sounds somewhat new, as the indie genre has transformed from punk rock-esque bands like The Strokes and The Libertines to stripped down, back-to-basics pop with bands like The Drums and Vampire Weekend. Their youthful, catchy approach is one that is instant and admirable and somewhat daring, as some may comment their imitation of 80's music could be considered as a parody, whilst others may find it creditable.

'Best Friend' is released this Monday on Moshi Moshi.

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Listen to 'Summertime' EP on Spotify.

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