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Album Review: Kills and Thrills - Liars

Listening to 'Liars' is like a shot of pure adrenaline; it’s full of boundless energy and relentless vigour. Unfortunately, it wears off just as quickly as it comes. The problem with Kills and Thrills debut album is that, while it channels a mixture of successful post-hardcore acts such as Underoath and Emanuel, it lacks the intelligence and quirks which make bands like Every Time I Die so well respected. For a hardcore band, it’s surprisingly safe.

The cloud of distortion and bellowed screams which surround opener ‘Dirty Birds’ defines Kills and Thrills as a filthy hardcore act with an ear for a catchy riff. It’s all quite exciting. However, as the album progresses, it becomes apparent that they only have one trick up their sleeve: and it’s a loud one. It takes three songs before the pace of ‘Keep Holding On’ suggests a departure from their brash hardcore-ethic, as a desperate vocal delivery reminiscent of Cursive adds a touch of humanity to the song. It hints at what Kills and Thrills could be, and it is undoubtedly the highlight of the album.

Following on from this, the album effortlessly blends into one. The lack of light and shade completely detracts from the full-throttle assault which ‘Dirty Birds’ promised. Even the intriguingly infectious hook of 'Lady Panther’s “keep us going until we’re dead” fail to re-ignite a post-hardcore bomb which exploded all too early.

By the time closing track ‘Rip It Up’ has chugged its way through the speakers, the admittedly well-delivered vocals aren’t enough to carry their severe lack of musical invention. With more thought behind the unbridled passion expressed on Liars, they could have been a far more stimulating hardcore act. Instead, Kills and Thrills are a fleeting pleasure.


'Liars' by Kills and Thrills is available through Hotfoot Records.

Kills and Thrills on MySpace.

Alex Howick

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