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Album Review: More Than You'll Ever Know - More Than You'll Ever Know

'Pop-punk' means different things to different people. For one, it may be LA veterans Weezer, for another New Found Glory and for the new breed of fans All Time Low. If you're a fan of the latter (pre 'So Wrong It's Right' especially) then Wakefield quartet More Than You'll Ever Know's self-titled debut EP might just be worth a listen.

'Keep Me Here' is a solid start, outlining the band's eye for a melody, as well as showing impressive pace changes and vocal scope. 'Look Around' is a slow starter, but has a gem of a chorus, that delivers a brilliant pop-punk punch.

More Than You'll Ever Know are not content with providing generic, unoriginal songs,which are the stumbling block for many young bands of their ilk. 'What Are You Waiting For' provides a powerful extended intro which fires the song towards closer 'Something New', which is delightfully crafted, with engaging lyrics, a memorable chorus and a climax that signs off what is a vastly impressive debut.

More Than You'll Ever Know have got the music talent and ideas to go quite a way. Let's hope they get the luck their endeavours deserve.

'More Than You'll Ever Know' by More Than You'll Ever Know is availablw now through the band's online store.

More Than You'll Ever Know on MySpace.

Liam McGarry

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