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Album Review: North Atlantic Oscillation - Grappling Hooks

North Atlantic Oscillation take a ambient/prog-rock approach on 'Grappling Hooks', with a steady mix of loud and soft tracks.

'Hollywood Has Ended' summarises the bands sound with its Pink Floyd-esque delicateness and bright, atmospheric vibe being mixed with indie rock guitars. On paper it may not sound very good but in the end its rather appreciative.

Elsewhere tracks 'Cell Count' and 'Ceiling Poem' showcase the bands electronic-based soft side with '77 Hours' and 'Audioplastic' being the opposite and sounds like nearly a different band altogether, with crashing drums and rocking guitars. Although the bands use of electronica remains intact.

Along with '77 Hours', 'Alexanderplatz' is one of the highlights with its favourable structure and layered sound. Throughout the bands style of going back and forth between two styles, can at times be frustrating but the way it is pulled off, is well thought-out and in addition to this, the bands vocal harmonies and add extra favourable element.

Overall 'Grappling Hooks' could be classed as a good starting point, as most of North Atlantic Oscillation's ideas are good but not great. At times you feel they're over doing it with the effects, which can be off putting and may alienate some listeners. In addition tracks like 'Ritual' and 'Star Chamber' out welcome their stay.


'Grappling Hooks' by North Atlantic Oscillation is released on Monday March 22nd on Kscope.

Sean Reid

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