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Blakfish To Re-Release EP

Blakfish's sold out, 2008 released EP, 'See You In Another City', will be re-released via Big Scary Monsters Records.

The 5 track EP, which includes live favourite 'Jeremy Kyle Is A Marked Man', will be bolstered by the addition of 9 b-sides and rarities, making this a must-have item for all saddened fans of the band.

The CD will be limited to just 100 copies (in pop-up digipak sleeves - see pictures, below), with any left after the show being available exclusively via on Monday 22nd March.

01. Preparing For Guests
02. My Stomach Feels Like My Throats Been Cut
03. Jeremy Kyle Is A Marked Man
04. Make Your Bed And Lie In It
05. Carnival Carnivore

Bonus tracks:
06. Leaving Home (Dirty import, 2002)
07. 22nd (myforteistimetravel, 2005)
08. Dead of a Soap Star (myforteistimetravel, 2005)
09. Captain Burns (Gold, Live, 2007)
10. The Curriculum Vitae of Uri Gagarin (COC demo, 2008)
11. Sh*t On My Face and Tell Me I'm Simon Cowell (Ringo demo, 2008)
12. Jeremy Kyle Is A Marked Man (Game version, 2009)
13. Charmer (Rollerskates b-side, 2009)
14. A Day In The Life (un-used b-side, 2009

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