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Album Review: Sasha Is Acoustic - What Every Young Man Should Know

Londoner Sasha acoustic folk stylings fail to live up to expectations on 'What Every Young Man Should Know', as he classes the likes of Brand New, The Smith, Bloc Party and The Cure as influences. Although tracks like 'This Year' are favourable, with its youthful tone and approach.

Whilst 'Fear and Loathing in Edgware' brings the EP alive, the poor production means Sasha's vocals fall into the background. 'You're Stuck In My Head' and 'Doubt' sound like they were recorded in his bedroom and probably shouldn't be included on here. Although the latter has uncomfortable yet intriguing lyrics.

Closing track 'Celia' is musically strong but the weak vocal performance spoils what could of been a favourable end to a weak record. Nevertheless Sasha does have something going for himself but it is not really seen here, as after a few listens you end up skipping tracks due to the overall poor performance.


'What Every Young Man Should Know' by Sasha Is Acoustic is released on March 29th on Not Yet Retro Records.

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