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Live Review: Emery, Moneen, & Deaf Havana - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham - 27.03.2010

With Madina Lake, Mayday Parade and We Are The Ocean playing next door at Rock City, its not that surprising the turn out for tonight's show isn't that great. Norfolk five-piece Deaf Havana struggle to get the audience going with their brand of post-hardcore, although the bands breakdown and duel-vocals are impressive. However the bands makeshift lead vocalist (Max from Brides is filling in on this tour) at times struggled but his situation is understandable, whilst guitarist and melody vocalist James Veck-Gilodi to an extent saved the bands unresponsive set.

Next Canada's Moneen come firing on stage with a mix bag from their back catalogue. Kicking off with 'Don't Ever Tell Locke What He Can't Do', front man Kenny Bridges, as always, is full of energy as passion. Despite the bands superb 'The World I Want To Leave Behind' getting its UK release at present, they only play a handful of tracks from it, including the powerful 'Hold That Sound' and the inspiring 'Believe'. Add to this a few fan favourites, most notably 'Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now? and Kenny and Chris "Hippy" Hughes going into to crowd during their sets conclusion to drum anything in sight. Ultimately tonight's set does not justify how good Moneen are at present.

Headliners Emery provide a mix reaction, as I think they're one of the bands you have to like or else you're left thinking they are another Chrisitan post-hardcore band. Nevertheless the bands multi-vocals throughout are admirable with Devin Shelton and Toby Morrell showing they are able to hold a melody when needed to, with screams from Josh Head complimenting this. 'Butcher's Mouth', 'The Party Song' and 'Studying Politics' are given a good reaction. However ultimately by the conclusion you're left feeling a bit bored and that the band are at times generic in their US post-hardcore mold but on the whole there style and musicianship was appreciative.

Sean Reid

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