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Live Review: Tiger Please, Muscle Club, Blitz Kids – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff – 16/4/2010

Tiger Please have generated a huge amount of buzz over the last couple of weeks. Ever since ‘Seasons’ their new EP was passed around for reviewing, and subsequently put online to stream, from what I’ve seen so far, the reaction has been entirely positive, and quite right too. This was their release show for the EP and with a sound that is even bigger than it was before; it was interesting to see if they could make it work.

Before that though, there’s the matter of the supports to attend to. First up; Blitz Kids, another band that are releasing a new EP, they’re slot is right as doors open and they kick things off to a pretty much empty venue, and you can honestly tell that it’s kind of disheartening for them, nevertheless they put their full energy into the show, and as the room started to fill up, their performance got better and better, new single, “Sell Yourself” sounds absolutely huge live as well as “In Each Other’s Arms” that has a chorus, that in a live setting again sounds massive.

Unfortunately I had to miss Exit International due to reasons beyond my control, but as I returned to the venue, Muscle Club were about a song into their set. There was something about the band that didn’t quite gel for me, that’s not to say they were bad, because they weren’t. I guess it’s just the fact that they’re not quite what I’d usually listen to, none-the-less they provide a good set, and while I probably wouldn’t go to see them again, I can appreciate that they did put on a good show.

By now, there was a great atmosphere building up, one that I personally hadn’t imagined, and it was a pleasant surprise. Tiger Please have a loyal following, and as soon as they hit the stage you can see why. Any fears about making their new EP work in a live setting are immediately vanquished as the band kick off with “Seasons” the violin instrumental from the EP and as “Summer In The House Of Confessions” kicks in, albeit with a slightly messed up intro, you’re pretty much blown with a sound that somehow sounds even bigger than the record.

With a set that mixes new with old, honourable mentions go to such songs as “Without Country” which in all honesty only reaffirms my view that this sound is just too big for this venue. I can honestly say without any problems that I can really see this band, one day being one that fills arenas, Leon’s vocals are huge and the sound is absolutely perfect and with a fairly long set, the intensity never dies down, as soon as they’re finished, you’re just left wanting more.

All in all, this was a great gig. There was an absolutely great atmosphere and the supports that I say all went down a treat, as for the headline band there’s something quite special going on with Tiger Please at the moment, if you’re reading this as a fan that maybe hasn’t seen them before. I can only urge you to get down and see them in a small venue before it’s too late. You won’t regret it.


Chris Marshman

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