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Madina Lake Dropped From Roadrunner

In a new interview with Rock Sound, Madina Lake announced they have been dropped by Roadrunner Records.

In the interview:

"Roadrunner was fantastic to us, especially in the UK where they continue to do amazing work supporting our band and the release" he continued. "They're a passionate label and they really pushed for our band so we're very grateful. At some point, however, during the 'Attics To Eden' cycle in the USA things started to go wrong. It was bizarre, hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on having big-name producers do remix after remix of 'Let's Get Outta Here' for US radio, the original version was picking up steam in the UK but for some reason I think they were chasing that 3OH!3, Metro Station-type pop sound for the US. We didn't get it but we said let us tour and you all can do whatever you want."

The full interview can be read here.

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