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Album Review: Arden - The Big Picture

With the despise of 1997 and Lydia soon to be parting ways, for many The Morning Of would be the group to lead the piano-led pop-rock reigns. However Baltimore's Arden are kindly stepping into to fill the void with 'The Big Picture,' eight songs of sweet, pleasant melodies backed by equally sweet tones.

Opening track, 'A Slow Spiral Geoffrey' sets the momentum with Laurie Huebschman's soulful voice complementing brass stabbings throughout, whilst 'Movin' On' could be mistaken for an outtake from Panic At The Disco's 'Nine In The Afternoon'; its just as bouncy, refreshing and overall just feels good to listen to.

You get the impression that the band are content with life yet they're lyrically sincere. 'Weather Patterns' is laid back and could be the perfect summer song; pounding piano keys and high harmonies take lead over Huebschman and triumphant brass parts. Similarly the title track goes along at a breezy tempo, with a slight hint of classic Beach Boys, in terms of blending harmonies.

'Crickets' sees a slight change in direction; more rockier yet, predictably, the band keep their pop sensibilities. Nevertheless Arden are more or less a pop band, but the good type. One that is refreshing, enjoyable and just make you smile. Although at times you feel certain ides are recycled; in terms of tempo and tone, but as a whole Arden could have a bright future but their style is one that are few too many bands are doing right now (fun., The Morning Of), which could lead them to being lost in the shuffle.


'The Big Picture' by Arden is released through Walnut Tree Records Distribution on May 17th.

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