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Day 11: Leeds, England
Rich’s mum woke us up with a delicious feast, then we kicked a football (soccerball) at the van until we had to leave.

Got to do a photoshoot for Front Magazine, the photographer was really cool and we used a boat, a dog, tea cups and pirate stuff. Very fun stuff. Some weird old lady walked up and yelled at us about how their didn’t used to be huge expensive buildings and its ruining the history. I wanted to say “lady, you’re scaring us”. (Name that movie)

All Or Nothing killed it, and the guys in the band let us use all of their gear, are driving us on this tour and are great people. After their set we got on, more people came than we thought and had a really good time. So great meeting people who wanted to see us for a long time.

A dude had the shark from our hammerhead shirt tattooed on him too! So insane!

Day 12: Stoke, England

Woke up, ate delicious food, drove to Stoke to reunite with Nathan who is tour managing The Dangerous Summer and Anarbor.

The show was quite smaller than yesterday’s but we still had a lot of fun getting to know The Wild, Rio and the aforementioned bands. We ate at this australian restaurant and got double veggie burgers. I love food.

The set was fun, then back for a 3rd night at Rich’s house, even though he’s on holiday with his girlfriend.

Day 13: Birmingham, England

Ate more toast with apricot jam for breakfast then headed to the show. We all walked down to this pub that’s about 500 years old (Nick and I made a lengthy detour ate a vegan japanese restaurant). Its crazy how most buildings are way older than our country.

The show was really fun, good hang outs with everyone, the guys from All Or Nothing helped us sell merch and we had a lot of fun. 4th night at Rich’s house. Short drives on this tour rule so much.

Day 14: Bristol, England

Today was pretty eventful, did an instore and played acoustic to some kids at Rise Records (not the U.S. Label), several interviews and I was watching our merch and didn’t realize we were on next. With the confusion and last minute setup of my drums we actually started ten minutes early.

We played “Clean Slate” which we haven’t done in over a year. Lots of fun and so cool seeing people come to plural shows, some kids are coming out to 4 of our shows in England!

Now we’re staying in a girl’s parents’ thai restaurant. I’m literally going to sleep on the floor next to a table and chairs where a family will eat tomorrow, this is hilarious.

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