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Album Review: Basement - Songs About The Weather

Ipswich/Nottingham punk group, Basement have been gaining a lot of praise in the punk rock community and on various sites on the internet, all of it is well deserved as this début 7" shows.

Whilst comparisons to the likes of Polar Bear Club and Title Fight being rather predictable, 'Songs About the Weather' still sets a high benchmark for the five-piece with its urgency and favourable sound. Tracks like 'Skip Town' and '1104 Porter St' are tight and race through but retain their structure.

'DUI' nicely follows up and keeps the momentum with its swaying, thriving tempo that makes good use of the bands rough, duel vocals. Whilst 'Meet me in St Louis' and 'White Elephant' round off the EP and fierce pop-punk at its best; fast, aggressive and very enjoyable.

Overall Basement tick all the right boxes and have perfected the true pop-punk genre perfectly. They're well-balanced, structured and straight to the point. With songs like this, it is no surprise the band's popularity is expected to rise very fast.


'Songs About The Weather' by Basement is available on 7" on City of Gold Records on May 17th.

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Sean Reid

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