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Album Review: Darko - Darko EP

Hailing from quaint Guilford, melodic hardcore outfit Darko are nothing close to quaint. They are of the hard, fast and loud belief, a belief that many can definitely relate to. The quintet released their powerful self-titled EP at the end of March, and what a beast they've let loose.

Opener "We Are Here" punches out with a lot of energy and showcasing song-writing not unlike The Lawrence Arms with hard-lived vocals scraping through melodic guitar elements and closes in a distinctively A Wilhelm Scream fashion, which is in no way a bad thing. Second track "Knives" reveals more of the band's technique and creative ideas with interesting weaving guitar interplay and a good set of decent ideas. Melodic punk rock 101 before breaking into a blasting bridge section that'll keep you alert.

A Wilhelm Scream and the likes of Strung Out swiftly come to mind with "Yet We Breathe", a powerful technique-packed punch that continues in showing the band excelling in bridge sections and "Delgado" does little to disprove it.

Closers "Blink" and "Paper Mirrors" do feel a bit uninspired when compared to band's solid back four and wouldn't have felt out of place as b-sides with simple punk rock progressions and aggression. However, overall Darko make a distinctive impression, one that fans of fast-paced, tight melodic hardcore (and notably A Wilhelm Scream) may have found a british band to follow. With the recent comeback of punk rock's many subgenres, Darko fill in one of British Punk's emptier gaps. And for that, we must be thankful.


'Darko EP' by Darko is available now.

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James Berclaz-Lewi

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