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Album Review: Get Down – Say Hello To Missing Home EP

Omaha, Nebraska five-piece, Get Down are the latest in a long-line of bands to produce an EP of sugary poprock. 'Say Hello To Missing Home' is the band’s sophomore release and has all the hooks and whiny vocals a pre-pubescent girl could ever want. Sounding like a mixture of The Starting Line, Bayside and Permanent Me; Get Down do what so many of their contemporaries do, and make mediocre music.

The EP opens with the largely misleading ‘Say Hello to Missing Home’, which suggests the band are going to be a paint-by-numbers chug-a-long hardcore band, but by the opening ten seconds of the brilliantly titled ‘The Night James Brown Saved Boston’, it is painfully apparent that they are a paint-by-numbers pop-rock group. Lifting more than just the vocal delivery from Bayside (the ‘These Nights In Bars’ from ‘...James Brown’ is hopefully a homage rather than thievery), the track would make a good single, and has moments of infectious melody.

I’ve Made A Huge Mistake’ predictably follows suit, although vocalist Tristan leans more towards Motion City Soundtrack in his delivery this time, and ‘Six Eight’ is incredibly dull not to mention about two minutes too long. Despite the mid-ep lull of the previous two tracks, the band begin to show a little promise towards the end of the EP, with closer ‘Terminal’ displaying the energy and talent that is lacking elsewhere. There are some nice gang vocals and guitar play, which weld nicely to Tristan’s Anthony Raineri impression.

'Get Down prove ultimately to be quite frustrating. Every glimmer of promise seems to be linked to something someone else has down better elsewhere. There’s nothing awful about Get Down, but don’t expect to be blown away either. Which begs to question whether there is anything new and exciting to hear from this type of music anymore?


'Say Hello To Missing Home EP' by Get Down is available now through the bands online store.

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Dan Issitt

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