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Album Review: Stegosaur - Adventure 7"‏

Ten minutes isn't a long time to prove yourself, but that's exactly what Texans Stegosaur have allowed themselves with 'Adventure 7"'. An eclectic bunch, it's a definite case of hit and miss from the San Antonio four-piece.

Opener 'A Headache' is a short but punchy number that somehow manages a sort of Blink-182/Be Your Own Pet hybrid, that, as daft as it sounds, works perfectly. 'Big Breath' provides vocals reminiscent of Brandon Flowers on cocaine (or what I imagine that to sound like anyway), ending with a hook that really brings the song home.

Come down track 'Bloooooood' is a tad disappointing. Lyrically brilliant, but lacking ideas and direction everywhere else, it carries the record to a trudging, lack lustre finish. Not a terrible attempt from our prehistoric friends, but then again, "not terrible" doesn't get you very far.


'Adventure 7"' by Stegosaur is available now on Sea Foam Recordings.

Download 'A Headache' for free here.

Stegosaur on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

Liam McGarry

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