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Album Review: MiMi Soya - I Can't Stand Pop Bands

Despite a change of singer, MiMi Soya keep up the infectious pop-rock harmonies with somewhat tongue-in-cheek titled 'I Can't Stand Pop Bands', New addition Jorja provides strong, soaring vocals on opening track 'Millionaire', which anchors the bands bouncy, feel-good sound they do so well.

The EP's stand out track, 'I Told You So' is next and is notable for the male-female vocals, its lyrical heartbroken tale and overall structure. Whilst, 'I Can't Stand Pop Bands' falls on the wayside, despite its driving guitars and the bands ambitious lyrics. On its own it works well but compared to other tracks here, its the weakest.

'Doctor! Doctor!' keeps ups the bands consistency with once again Jorja's vocals standing out; sweet and soulful backed by pounding drums and adrenaline-filled guitars.

Musically the band are tight throughout and especially know how to pull off the pop-rock style so well. They know how to write pop songs and they're truly stick with what they know here. However this isn't a bad thing, 'I Can't Stand Pop Bands' sounds like a band refreshed and some may say, with a clean slate. I've probably said this before, but MiMi Soya have the songs and musicianship to "breakout" and become something more, as 'I Can't Stand Pop Bands' lyrically shows a band who are ambitious and confident in their ability. If the stars align properly and all that, you could easily expect to hear more of MiMi Soya in the near future.


'I Can't Stand Pop Bands' by MiMi Soya is released on LAB Records on June 14th.

MiMi Soya on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

Sean Reid

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