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Single Review: Cuba Cuba - Home Is The Fire

Slow, distant guitars gently slide us into Cuba Cuba's debut single, 'Home Is The Fire'. What follows is a mix of fuzzy bass lines, delicate piano notes and well-paced drums, all of which are complemented well by Morgan Isaac's vibrant, confident vocals.

'Bonus' is a more indie-tinged track guided by angular, plucky guitars which leaves a good impression, despite creating a sound that is not all that new.

Whilst 'Golden Grounds' is lively and anthemic with its upbeat tone, duel-vocals and overall shows a band with tons of potential. The Friends Electric remix of the a-side can simply be ignored, as it spoils the original and less said about it, the better.

Cuba Cuba leave a strong impression and the single serves its purpose well, as it'll be interesting to see what the band does next.


Home Is The Fire' by Cuba Cuba is released on May 31st on Walnut Tree Records.

Cuba Cuba on MySpace, Twitter and Facebook.

Sean Reid

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