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Album Review: Quiet Science - [With/Without]

Quiet Science are a self-proclaimed "alternative" pop-rock act from the sunny state of Florida. And sunny is certainly one of the more adequate ways to describe this outfit. Alternative, on the other hand, is not. If anything, the band play synth-layered sugar coated choruses surrounded by easily consumed verses. Most of what they try to do has been achieved better by many others, but thankfully for them, that isn't always a bad thing.

In 2010, they release their first full length '[With/Without]'. The average listener will be quick to add tracks like "Magnetism" to their summer playlist, a song that shines happiness and comes complete with a cheesy key-change (but really, who doesn't love a nice cheesy key-change). Track "Arcadia" features a dancier bass line under a U2-esque atmosphere, and as much as it doesn't break any boundaries, the song is sweet and lovable enough for pop-melody fans to soundtrack their road-trips.

"Cumulus (+Pistis)" is a colourful lollipop for the ears, driven by a soft piano and acoustic guitar it features some of the best male/female vocal harmonies on the album and the melodies will swoon sugary couples to sleep on the beach like nothing else. With most of the other tracks being unmemorable pop-rock offerings, "Cumulus (+Pistis)" is the closest it gets to a stand-out track.

Overall, the band don't break into any unfamiliar territory, and people who enjoy familiar land will feel completely at home. Alternative fans can always give it a listen and might find a few guilty pleasures but will otherwise most likely give it a miss.


'[With/Without]' by Quiet Science is available now.

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