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Album Review: Envy On The Coast - Lowcountry

Envy On The Coast have returned with their sophomore album “Lowcountry” their much anticipated follow up to 2007’s “Lucy Gray” and what Envy On The Coast have here is an album that’s as moody as it is energetic and at times brilliant.

Opening song ‘Death March on Two, Ready?’ sets the mood; it offers a Southern vibe with a distinct guitar twang, but they show a talent for variety with ‘Head First In The River’ which has an absolutely huge chorus. It’s a song that treads the mainstream line while still retaining a certain edge to appeal to their fans. Think; The Used from their 'Lies for the Liars' album and you’re there.

Other stand out songs includes ‘The Great American T-shirt Racket’ which despite its rubbish lyrics has another killer chorus. ‘Like I do’ is as close as you’ll get on this album to a casual respite. I hate to reference The Used again but singer, lead singer, Sal’s voice at times sounds almost identical to Bert McCracken’s, but that’s not a bad thing as it sounds strong and brimming with enthusiasm.

The problem with this album though is that it relies on its Southern influences a little too heavily, sometimes songs like ‘Made Of Stone’ and can give off a boring, cold atmosphere ‘Puritan Dirt Song’ maybe that’s the sound they’re going for, but there is definitely a feeling of too much of one thing almost spoiling the overall product.

As for the album as a whole, I think the best I can describe it is above average. When it’s good, it borders brilliant, but there’s just too much filler here to make it an outstanding album.


'Lowcountry' by Envy On The Coast is available now on Photo Finish Records.

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