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Album Review: Veara - What We Left Behind

It's pretty obvious and easy to compare Veara to pop-punk heavyweights A Day To Remember, purely on the basis that they're partly signed to their label (Running Man) and this debut release ('What We Left Behind') is produced by ADTR frontman, Jeremy McKinnon.

Nevertheless 'What We Left Behind' end up producing one of the best pop-punk records so far this year. Imagine a catchy New Found Glory and mix it with ADTR's blasting sound; minus the screaming and add a hint of Four Year Strong and you're left with Veara.

'We Have A Body Count' and 'Better Off Without You' get the record off to a good start with fast-paced, enjoyable numbers that are pleasing to hear as the four-piece quickly find a winning formula that they don't stay stray far from throughout. All the usual hardcore pop-punk characteristics on here; breakdowns, gang vocals and catchy choruses.

For some the record may quickly become repetitive, as the bands fast-paced, crunching guitars sound does not vary much. Though tracks like 'Pull Your Own Weight' and 'Role Model' at times sound like filler but it has its positives, mainly bright, energetic choruses that are just fun to hear.

As a collection of songs, 'What We Left Behind' is superb and Veara tick all the right boxes to go far but its difficult to highlight stand out tracks, as its as case of one track blending into another, as its a winning formula that is used again and again. Nevertheless ifs thumping pop-punk with brash, balls-out choruses is your thing then you'll love Veara.


'What We Left Behind' by Veara is released on May 25th via Running Man/Epitaph.

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