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Album Review: Sing It Loud - Everything Collide

Any band who debut's their new single on an American teenage magazine's website aimed at girls, pretty much sums up Sing It Loud's aimed market and intentions. Nevertheless the bands sopohomore full-length, 'Everything Collide' is somewhat surprising, as the Minneapolis, Minnesota group show progression from 2008's 'Come Around'. Whilst the latter was filled with generic, upbeat powerpop numbers that quickly became reptitive, 'Everything Collide' has a more all-round developed sound. Although tracks like 'Sugar Sweet' and 'Thunderstorms' pick up where the band left off, their feel-good atmosphere and texture is pleasing and ideal for the coming summer months.

Throughout sunswept guitars and Pat Brown's sweet radio-friendly voice plays a major part and are favourable, with 'Only One' being one of the albums highlights, as is 'Addicted To When You're Gone' and the Yellowcard-esque 'Let It Go'.

Lyrically the band lack depth and its unsurprising that the constant theme of being in and out of love is heavily used; again the band know thier target audience and the predictable soppy acoustic ballad is here in the form of 'Believe In Me'.

Although the band's formula becomes tiring towards the end, their progression and overall tone is creditable as their new found musical depth and tone makes this record more interesting than most guitar powerpop bands. 'Everything Collide' is an album filled with potential hits and puts the band up there with likes of Boys Like Girls and All Time Low. An album made for the summer and numerous teenage US TV dramas.


'Everything Collide' by Sing It Loud is released on May 11th on Epitaph Records.

Sing It Loud on MySpace, PureVolume, Facebook and Twitter.

Sean Reid

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