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Single Review Round-Up: Bayonets, The Xcerts & Young Guns

This Single Review Round-Up features Bayonets, The Xcerts and Young Guns.

The Xcerts - Slackerpop
Released on June 7th through Xtra Mile

With a new album expected later this year and currently on a UK tour, make their return with Mike Sapone-produced 'Slackerpop'. A two and a half minute fiery number that sees the Scottish trio being slightly more aggressive but keep a technical, accessible side. It's straight to the point pace leaves you wanting more and we can't wait to see what they do next.


Bayonets - The Joke and The Damage Done
Released on June 1st on limited release through Pandy Cane

Hereford's return is a case of why change it if isn't broken, as 'The Joke and The Damage Done' is a blistering piece of alt-rock that has won over critics and fans on both sides of the Atlantic. Pounding drums dominate whilst Thom Craig's voice strains in the chorus, to create an intense yet intriguing sound.

Whilst b-side 'Honiara' sees the band go down an acoustic route and goes along at calming pace, with lyrics that draws you in and the group sing-along in the conclusion provides an eerie yet brilliant moment. An alternative version of 'The Joke and The Damage Done' is more relaxed then the a-side and feels more spacious as well, which allows Craig's vocals to stand out more.

Whilst not as instant as previous material, 'The Joke and The Damage Done' subtly shows the direction Bayonets are going in; tighter and more rockier.


Young Guns - Sons Of Apathy
Released on May 31st

With a wealth of hype behind them and plenty of festival dates in the pipeline, Young Guns preview material from forthcoming album, 'All Our Kings Are Dead' with 'Sons Of Apathy'. The track has urgency and is lively from the start with domineering riffs complementing Gustav Wood's strong vocals well. Whilst it maybe considered as quickly forgettable, the track shows progression from the band, and serves its purpose well as it'll be interesting to see how the band's full-length will turn out.


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