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Album Review: Drake's Rebellion - Make Memories

Manchester's Drake Rebellion leave a decent impression with their debut (and free) EP, ' Make Memories'. Although their style is one that is seen by others time and time again, opening track 'Nova' sets the tone with Rhianon Hodgson's strong vocals taking centre stage against pretty uninteresting guitar work.

'Fall Back' is slightly more lively; built round group vocals "woah-ohs" kind of like an early Paramore with a more rockier side. 'Syble' swings back and forth with once again Hodgson taking lead, which to some degree saves the track from being forgettable. 'For the Dutchess' finishes off the EP with a good tempo and structure and if there is one track to recommend it'd be this. Whilst at times on the EP, the band tightness seems somewhat disjointed, here the band sound more together therefore leaving a good last impression.

For a debut EP, 'Make Memories' is a good start and has potential. With a few tweaks here and there, Drake's Rebellion could make something of themselves. Nonetheless if you're into female-fronted rock groups with decent harmonies, then give them a tree.


'Make Memories' by Drake's Rebellion is available now and can be downloaded for free below.

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