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Album Review: Ictus - Handmade And Homegrown

Citing bands like The Offspring and Fall Out Boy as influences, it quickly becomes apparent that Ictus, a four-piece from Leicester, are looking to attract fans of pop-punk. Opening track 'Run' makes a decent enough impression and is pretty catchy but at times you feel the band are trying too intimidate their American influences.

Nevertheless the bands melodies and lead vocals from Aarom Murray leave a strong impression throughout, as tracks like 'Car Crash' and 'Whilst The World Burns'; soaring vocals backed by infectious pop-punk guitars.

'Papers And Pens' sees a slight change with thriving drums taking over before slowing the tempo with light guitar work and besides 'Run' is one of the records better tracks.

Overall Ictus are at times pretty generic and predictable, yet they are equally enjoyable and the bands knowledge of the genre has been made to good use. Although a slight change in variation would of perhaps left a better impression.


'Handmade And Homegrown' by Ictus is available now.

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Sean Reid

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