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Album Review: I Call Fives - Bad Advice

With 'Bad Advice', New Jersey's I Call Fives push themselves one step forward to marking their territory on the pop punk'colony with their catchy chorus' and pounding guitars.

'Hand Me Down Luck' is an adrenaline fueled fist pumper compromised of pure honesty and bitterness. Whilst 'Elevator Music' is a song filled to the brim with spite and original imagery in the chorus. The amount of raw hatred as the lead vocalist, Jeff Todd, sings "You've got the rest of your life to figure out that everything was gonna be fine".

After 5 songs of energetic, fast paced songs, the album finally slows down in the form of 'Take the Fall' which eventually comes crashing down in the final chorus. This is where Kory Gable (who has also worked with Flood of Red, The Dangerous Summer and Senses Fail) shows off his production skills to the fullest potential.

The accompanying EP 'Gives Bad Advice' (that can be downloaded from the No Sleep Records store*) is four new songs that shows the bands ability to translate into an acoustic setting.

Despite the fact that the pop-punk genre hasn't brought out many notable artists. In a few years, I Call Fives could easily take the crown as the new kings of pop-punk, as 'Bad Advice' shows a band to reach the heights of bands such as New Found Glory, The Dangerous Summer and All Time Low.


'Bad Advice' by I Call Fives is available now on No Sleep Records

I Call Fives on MySpace, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.

George Gadd

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