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Album Review: Quiet Company - Songs For Staying In

Quiet Company’s idea of love, sex and romance is certainly a catchy affair. At its heart ‘Songs For Staying In’ is piano driven rock, filled with gorgeous melodies, pop hooks and a sense of honesty that is endearing, it’s clear that a group of good friends have crafted this fun and energetic 7 track EP.

‘How Do You Do It?’ feels a lot like Death Cab For Cutie, only if they were born in Austin, Texas. But they break away from this in a chorus that is effortlessly catchy and feels like a pop anthem. Really letting loose with guitars heavily leading the track, this instantly reminds you that this isn’t just a slow pop ballad record.

‘Things You Already Know’ has some great use of an array of instruments from trumpets and xylophones to a yazoo that make the track sound huge. ‘Hold My Head Above Water’ slows things down with some great female vocals from lead singer, Taylor Muse’s wife. However ‘Jezebel’ instantly lifts the energy back up, a perfectly crafted pop song that builds and escalates into one of the strongest tracks on the EP.

‘If You Want’ shows a more rocky side, guitars are rough and gritty which adds great counter balance to the smooth piano and violins. The last track ‘The Biblical Sense Of The Word’ fools you into a sense of lull, beginning with a charming piano section but midway through blazes this EP to an end, so brilliantly executed.

The only thing you’ll be wanting to do when it all comes to a close is start from the beginning again. If you liked the highly anticipated ‘Aim And Ignite’ by fun. then this is certainly not to be ignored. Exciting, fun and so very satisfying Quiet Company won’t have trouble stealing your hearts.


'Songs For Staying In' by Quiet Company is available now.

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