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Album Review: This City Sleeps - Seconds EP

Female fronted bands are something we are seeing more and more. Long gone are the days where it was scorned or looked down upon, with the obvious example of bands like Paramore providing women with a role model to get out there and make music. This City Sleeps are a pop-punk band from Hull/Leeds.

'Dying Is The Day Worth Living For' opens the EP, with the typical pop-punk sound we have all grown accustom to, but it's nice to hear it with the female twist over the top. Elements of hardcore come through in some bits, with chuggy guitar and double pedal, gang vocals and a catchy chorus.

'Calling Out (The Getaway)' is another cool track, but for me the vocals don't cut through the rest of the instruments at times, and it sounds like it's been autotuned a bit, and it sounds like it needs to sound a bit rawer at times. Having said this though, the songwriting is strong and the riffs are imaginative, particularly in 'When It Pours, We'll Reign' which sounds like something that could belong to some bigger pop-punk acts. The shouted vocals also add a bit of energy to the track too, and the end is very textbook, working really well.

This EP has a very strong pop-punk sound, and the elements won't be new to many fans of the genre. The female vocals and catchy numbers make it stand out more however, as the songwriting is well thought out and executed, compared to some of the rubbish that is out there.


'Seconds EP' by This City Sleeps is available now through the bands online store.

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Mark Allen

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