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Feature: MiMi Soya on MiMi Soya

This week MiMi Soya released their new EP, 'I Can't Stand Pop Bands'. We caught up with each member to talk all about MiMi Soya, their memories of one another, first impressions and what they each bring to the pop-rock group.

MiMi Soya on Jorja (Vocals)

What does Jorja bring to MiMi Soya?
Chris: Jorja brings the big MiMi voice that everyone enjoys. She has a lot of energy and passion for MiMi and gets the job done without any hesitation or question. We both get incredibly excited so its always nice to have someone on the same level in that respect!

Mike: Jorja brings a powerful voice to MiMi Soya but she is also very happy/ pro-active/ borderline hyper all the time which rubs off on us all.

Joey: When we went through the whole audition process, me and the boys knew straight away from the second she walked in the room that she was supposed to be the frontgirl for MiMi Soya. She has an amazing aura about her, and a voice like I’ve never heard before! Now we have her, MiMi Soya is a complete puzzle!

What were you first impressions of Jorja?
Chris: I think it's safe to say my first impression of Jorja was she was how small she was. She was an amazing singer and had a lot to say in a very short space of time haha

Mike: My first impression of Jorja was that she talks a hell of a lot! Also she was really eager to join the band and nailed all the songs perfectly in rehearsal.

Joey: Bubbly, sexy, mental.

Favourite memory of Jorja?
Chris: Haha oh God, this time we all partied in Amsterdam. Jorja drank too much and ended up hugging a toilet for the rest of the night blurting out her sincerest feelings towards myself, Joe and our merch guy! Classic.

Mike: There are many favourite memories of Jorja but my favourite photo of her and me is when we were out in Cardiff the night before we started recording in Wales. “Don’t Stop Believing” came on in the Club. I grabbed and stood on a chair in the middle of the dance-floor whilst Jorja sang the song reaching up at me. I think Chris took the photo but it just cracks me up every time. Sort of have to see it to get me though.

Joey: Oh there’s loads. I’ll give you 2. 1) In Amsterdam we both had a lapdance and jorja got hers for free. But just to see this naked woman laying her junk all over jorja was so funny, Jorja didn’t know what to do! Her face ahaha! 2) She was so drunk and she wanted to go throw up, but everytime she tried to leave to go to the toilet, I would pick her up and throw her on the bed. She got so angry haha.

Why should we be friends with Jorja?
Chris: (She's) good to hang out with and she will always have your back when you need her.

Mike: You should be friends with Jorja because she is always friendly and will brighten up your day with her excitement over everything.

Joey: You shouldn’t be friends with Jorja, she’s too much.

MiMi Soya on Chris (Guitar)

What does Chris bring to MiMi Soya?
Jorja: Chris brings his serious skills and an amazing Alan Partridge impression.

Mike: Chris as the main songwriter brings the Pop-Punk element into the band.

Joey: Chris brings commitment and dedication like I’ve never seen before, MiMi Soya is like his first born. He also is the man to start most of the songs with an acoustic, he’s like a wizard! Legend!

What were you first impressions of Chris?
Mike: My first impression of Chris was that he was my main musical rival at school. When we were 16 both of us played Bass, had the same haircut and wore the same clothes. We were in a lot of rival bands but when Chris started playing guitar the love brought us together!

Joey: Dedicated, sexy, intersting.

Favourite memory of Chris?
Jorja: One of my favourite memories of Chris is when we were recording in Wales and were on a night out when one of his favourite songs came on and he suddenly sprung up and danced like a complete mentalist, he has energy that comes from nowhere!

Mike: He does it a lot but every time he dances in a club it is hilarious. Let’s just say its very camp.

Joey: I’ll never forget the time Chris and I we’re so drunk and in a club. For some reason we had so much energy and we're dancing everywhere and after about 15 minutes a bouncer come and grabbed us both by the neck and shouted ‘calm down’ We looked at each other and cracked up!

Why should we be friends with Chris?
Jorja: You should be friends with Chris because your life will be incomplete without his killer dance moves, impressions and pshycic powers

Mike: You should be friends with Chris because he would never do anything to hurt anyone.

Joey: He’s so generous, really helps me out a lot. He’s really interesting too. Knows a lot about a lot.

MiMi Soya on Mike (Bass)

What does Mike bring to MiMi Soya?
Jorja: Mike brings his bass face and a smile like no other.

Chris: Mike brings some awesome, infectious hooks that are a fundamental part to the MiMi sound.
He also keeps himself and everyone else in the band grounded. Plus he is excellent with money haha.

Joey: Mike brings musically some sweet hooks and awesome bass lines! He has amazing organisation and is wicked with money, so he’s in charge of the band account., I dread to think what would happen if I was in charge with the money haha.

What were you first impressions of Mike?
Chris: As you may or may not know Mike didn't like me very much at school. I picked up and learned the bass shortly after Mike had started. I wasn't aware of his existence until that fateful day one of his mates told me I wasn't liked and they had all nicknamed me "Mike Lewis number 2".

Joey: Party animal, sexy, loveable.

Favourite memory of Mike?
Jorja: One of my favourite memories of Mike is when we were in Manchester for a long night out, and on the way home he kicked every bin and called it a 'piece of shit' (Mike is the funniest drunk you will ever meet. Fact)

Chris: We had finished playing this TV show up in Manchester and all went out drinking after. Mike managed to get himself obliterated on beer, he was saying and doing so many entertaining things! You can actually witness some of this night on our "Party time with Mike Lewis" video on youtube (see here).

Joey: We were at a party ages ago, mike was completely smashed and somehow threw up into a beer bottle, went outside and smashed it on the patio!

Why should we be friends with Mike?
Jorja: You should be friends with Mike because your life will be incomplete without his intellegence, wisdom and drunken swearing.

Chris: Because you will always know where you stand with Mike, he speaks his mind.

Joey: You should be friends with Mike because he’s so easy to get on with, he likes so much stuff too, so you will always have something in common to talk about and he can drink like a trooper.

MiMi Soya on Joey (Drums)

What does Joey bring to MiMi Soya?
Jorja: Joey brings a big warm heart and a sweaty bottom.

Chris: Joey is obviously the clown of the band! He always has a light hearted approach to everything. I would also say he is the glue that holds the band together, when everything is looking a bit sour. He'll use his "one of a kind" charm to make the situation more manageable. It was really important in the earlier stages of the band's career.

Mike: Joey makes us all laugh (mainly when he is drunk!)

What were you first impressions of Joey?
Chris: I met Joe a very long time ago, don't think I could give you my first impression.

Mike: I can’t remember the first time I specifically met Joe but I remember the first time someone pointed him out. I was 16 and he must have been 14 playing in my mate’s band. They had really serious band photos taken of them but Joe was in the back pulling the ugliest faces known to man. Nothing has changed there to be honest but after that I though “who is this crazy kid?”

Favourite memory of Joey?
Jorja: Where do I start with Joe? One of my favourite memories of this loon is probably when he set his beard alight in Amsterdam and also every morning when we were touring Holland he would trip me up when I got up to pee.

Chris: Ah so many! We played this outdoors show run by a youth council and we were chilling in the sun before we had to go on. Joe was in a conversation with his mate and during that, a small girl was handing out sweets to the band members. She approached Joe from behind asking him in a really small, shy voice if he would like a sweet. Joe turns around in a quick, dramatic fashion and shouts right in her face "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" The girl was literally on the verge of tears when she walked away from him, haha.

Mike: So many to choose from but the one that sticks out the most, was when we had just played with Cobra Starship in Manchester. We went for a few drinks after in a bar round the corner from the venue. I remember it well because I was completely sober and went to sleep in the van. 2 hours later I get woken up by Chris saying we need to take Joe home. I get out of the van and he is lying with his trousers and pants round his ankles on the cold hard pavement. Unable to stand he then proceeded to crawl to the wrong van to try and open it, puke up in bag and hurl abuse at everyone. Turns out he had systematically done a shot of everything at the bar then went to the (ladies) toilets to be sick, poo himself and pass out on the floor. Nice.

Why should we be friends with Joey?
Jorja: You should be friends with Joey because your life will be incomplete without his generosity, kindness and his ability to drink anything behind the bar.

Chris: You can never be in a negative mood around him.

Mike: You should be friends with Joe because he genuinely goes out of his way to help his mates.

'I Can't Stand Pop Bands' by MiMi Soya is available now on LAB Records.

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