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Single Review: Round-Up: Mr. Twist, Scoundrels, The Revellions and Always Read The Label

This edition of Single Review Round-Up includes singles from Mr. Twist, Scoundrels, The Revellions and Always Read The Label.

Mr. Twist - I Come Round Again
Available now

North London's Mr. Twist know how to rock. Not overly over the top this 4-piece keep it rock steady. Their single "I Come Round Again" is only 2 minutes and 30 seconds, but hits you hard. The bass is groovy and the bands backing "oh's" fit together nicely with the band's overall guitar driven sound. "So picture perfect, with such a burning smile/Was I worth it, cause it's worth all the while,” sings Gaz Twist. The single manages to keep its momentum the entire time. This is rock 'n roll with a twist. Get into Mr. Twist.


Scoundrels - Hangman's Lament
Release on July 19th
One Fifteen Records

Who are the Scoundrels? A blues influenced rock band from London. On the band's single “Hangman's Lament,” the London based get groovy. The song makes me want to shake my head, move around, and air guitar. The guitar riffs are played well and the songwriting is consistent. With influences including James Brown, Thin Lizzy, Parliament Funkadelic and Louisiana this band's roots are grounded in America. The band did get flown to Louisiana to record, after A&R man and co-founded of Sire Records, Seymour Stein heard the band's music and contacted the band. Now that's faith in a band. This song rocks.


The Revellions - Sigh's
Released on July 5th
Dirty Water Records

Dublin band The Revellions single “Sigh's” starts off with a jammy bass line followed by an organ. Singer Ali Moore sings, “What I want/What I need/it's always the same old story. When I love, when I leave.” The song seems to be about being feed up with certain circumstances and hearing the same things over and over again. The song even features some nice horn in it. It has some upbeat rhythms with '60s psychedelia, '70s punk, and '80s garage. Together the band brings an old-school sound that comes together well.


Always Read The Label - Influence
Available now

Always Read the Label might make you chuckle with its name, but this Glasgow band keeps it heavy. The 3-piece bring together an alt-rock sound on its latest single "Influence." The band cites Muse, Deftones, Funeral for a Friend, and Beach Boys as influences. Their closest comparison is to Funeral for a Friend. The band's sound is characterized by heavy riffs and steady drums with a melodic edge and big anthemic choruses. This is a solid track, but it falls short of being compelling. The alt-rock sounded is becoming tired and sadly they don't really sound out.


Margarita Morales

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