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Album Review: Balance & Composure/Tigers Jaw - Split EP

On this 8-track split, Philadelphia's Balance & Composure and Tigers Jaw with the former coming off slightly better. Whilst both bands are gradually making a name for themselves in certain areas, this split is ideal for both to show what they can do.

Balance & Composure kick things off with 'Kaleidoscope' is a fiery, instant brand of punk rock that is energetic but subtly goes off into bass-heavy verse before bursting through in the chorus. The Brand New-esque 'Burden' follows with slow burning tempo and raw, aching delivery. It provides a reflective moment, that helplessly draws you in. Whilst Balance & Composure's other 2 efforts here; 'Twenty Four' and 'Rope' is well pulled-off dose of post-hardcore, that is passionate and melodic.

Tigers Jaw's contributions bring a slightly more catchy approach to their slight indie/alt rock sound that has been well received in the past. 'Lodging' is driven by a spiky guitar and along with 'Dent' showcase good, strong chord progression. Whilst 'Jet Alone' is a more lighter, more pop-punk Tigers Jaw with subtly keyboards being used alongside simple powerchords. In contrast 'Danielson' is more lively with calm, rough vocal delivery being the stand out attribute.

On the whole Balance & Composure and Tigers Jaw show off two different takes on the post-hardcore/indie rock genre strongly here. There is enough here to keep you interested to the end and gives a good impression of what each bands other material is like and is going towards. Definitely two bands you can expect to hear more off in the coming months.


'Split' by Balance & Composure/Tigers Jaw is available now on No Sleep Records/Run For Cover Records.

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