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Album Review: Bearings - Exist.Expire

Philadelphia post-hardcore group, Bearings prove to be raw and favourable on 'Exist.Expire', with a decent punk rock sound being mixed with intriguing, well-thought out strucutre (see 'Summer Solstice').

'Tenement' and 'December' shows the bands scattered, urgent side with Josh Laskin's vocals, at times, being reminscent of Jawbreaker's Blake Schwarzenbach, all the while driving guitars provide a strong backbone.

The previously mentioned 'Summer Solstice' shows a slightly softer side, that explodes with Laskin's voice strains over steady-paced guitars, with an equally strong middle section that gradually leads to favourable conclusion.

Whilst 'Of Translations' is a bass-driven, fierce number with gruff guitars complementing lighter, melodic guitar notes. Its a sound that makes you realise, this band maybe on to something. Its nothing out of the ordinary, but its still good.

'Like Clockwork' sounds like its from some obscure/cult-like band from the 90's; rough guitars and vocals are led by (slightly) sloppy-yet-structured drums. Whilst the closing tracks, 'Concealer', leaves you momentarily dazed; 40 seconds in you're left hanging on to Laskin's every word, as the band temporarily slow thigns down before they burst with much radiance and substance. It must noted that the guitar work on this track, adds a distinctive element.

Whilst 'Exist.Expire' dosn't scream out for attention, it is still worth giving a listen, especially if you're into your rough, DIY, post-hardcore. At times Bearings' sound is hard to define, whilst sometimes they sound different. Their use of strucutre, especailly during the bands slower moments, are much welcomed and to an extent, give the listener a break from the bands straight-up punk rock style.


'Exist.Expire' by Bearings is released on July 29th through Runner Up Records.

Bearings on MySpace and Tumblr.

Sean Reid

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