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Bearings/Directions UK Tour

Bearings and Directions begin a UK tour this weekend.

March 5th - Middlesbrough - Uncle Alberts
March 6th - Manchester - Tiger Lounge
March 7th - NEED A DATE (E-mail if interested)
March 8th - Kingston - The Fighting Cocks
March 9th - Brighton - The Prince Albert
March 11th - Stoke - Harrys Bar
March 12th - Derby - The Vaults

Album Review: Bearings - Exist.Expire

Philadelphia post-hardcore group, Bearings prove to be raw and favourable on 'Exist.Expire', with a decent punk rock sound being mixed with intriguing, well-thought out strucutre (see 'Summer Solstice').

'Tenement' and 'December' shows the bands scattered, urgent side with Josh Laskin's vocals, at times, being reminscent of Jawbreaker's Blake Schwarzenbach, all the while driving guitars provide a strong backbone.

The previously mentioned 'Summer Solstice' shows a slightly softer side, that explodes with Laskin's voice strains over steady-paced guitars, with an equally strong middle section that gradually leads to favourable conclusion.

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