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Album Review: Devil Sold His Soul - Blessed & Cursed

Three years in the making, Devil Sold His Soul make their return with 'Blessed & Cursed', a drawn out record that stretches past the hour mark but exceeds in terms of expectations; mainly due to their technical musicianship dominates throughout.

Opening with 'Tides' which is built up brilliantly and creates an all-round epic feeling and sets the tone for whats to come, but the sextet come crashing down with 'Drowning/Sinking', as Ed Gibbs vocalist bring the band alive before breaking down into a well-structured post-rock-esque section. Within the space of 2 tracks you realise, Devil Sold His Soul are more than your regular metal band. They have ambition, intelligence and a structure that keeps you interested throughout.

Tracks like 'Callous Heart', 'Frozen' and 'An Ocean of Lights' go back and forth between a glorious, somewhat light sound and one that is dark, heavy and in some ways what you'd expect. In addition Gibbs' vocals manage to soar and support the bands larger-than-life sound.

'The Disappointment' and 'truth Has Come' fills whatever need some may have a straight-up, hard-hitting metal number with deep riffs and pounding drums creating an overall deathly tone.

With 'Blessed & Cursed', Devil Sold His Soul have enabled themselves to challenge themselves and to think outside of the box, as at times there are moments of complete beauty; the slow-burning opening in 'A Foreboding Sky' is intimate and captivating. Although the length of the record may be a bit too much and perhaps some tracks over do it a little, the bands craftsmanship and overall approach and delivery is one that can be appreciated. In addition the albums ability to flow almost seamlessly, is another attribute to its all-round huge feeling that is vibrantly given off from start to finish.


'Blessed & Chorus' by Devil Sold His Soul is released on July 12th through Century Media.

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Sean Reid

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