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Album Review: Sound of Guns - What Came From Fire

Liverpool's Sound Of Guns' brand of rock is straight-up, brash and anthemic with 'Architects' setting the tone for the rest of their debut album, 'What Came From Fire'. The bands formula is favourable; soaring vocals backed up by crashing drums and bold guitars.

'Alcatraz' follows this with its quick, sharp pace, whilst 'Collisions' swaggers in with its classic rock-vibe that you can't help but admire. On the other hand '106 (Still The Words)' and 'Elementary Of Youth' sees the band going in a slightly different direction. The former is 6 minute plus, dark, brewing number that sees frontman Andy's vocals being the highlight, as his delivery is very confident. 'Elementary Of Youth' is subtly poppy, with a slight hint of Joy Division.

Throughout the band manage to deliver with loud and bold rock songs, that sound like they're made for a bigger stage (especially see 'Lightspeed'). However they manage to find a balance between "stadium rock" and indie rock, with 'Bullets In The Bloodstream' being an ideal example. Its fast but the bands overall tone leads towards a slight indie side, and one that is on the whole more appealing.

This is another characteristic Sound of Guns has, with tracks like 'Backs Of Butterflies', they positioned themselves to cross from being a small rock band towards a band that is capable of being set for bigger things.

If you're looking for an instantly favourable rock album, you can do no wrong with 'What Came From Fire' as you are left with a high opinion of Sound of Guns, as it proves to be consistent and does not fail to deliver. It's a record filled with powerful riffs, soaring vocals and overall strong songs.


'What Came From Fire' by Sound of Guns is available now on Distiller Records

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