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Album Review: The Dollyrots - A Little Messed Up

The Dollyrots third album is the definition of pop punk, fun, energetic, full of attitude while never straying from its roots. Aggressive lyrics are sugar coated by the vocals of Kelly Ogden, who throughout provides perfect harmonies with just enough grit to keep this record punk.

‘Rock Control’ burst straight into it’s opening chorus, this song is more about getting people moving on a dance floor than politically lead lyrics that people will be familiar with on their past releases. It’s fun and has a chorus that will no doubt have fans shouting along. ‘Some Girls’ displays the more pop side to Dollyrots but still holds the surging guitars that show the right balance to get poppy without losing the punk.

‘Rollercoaster’ offers the first chance for the album to catch its breath, slowing things down with some great melodies which showcase Kelly’s softer voice that never seems to falter. ‘My Heart Explodes’ and ‘A Little Messed Up’ bring the pace of the album back to full speed, giving a chance for guitarist Luis Cabezas to really let loose thrusting tracks forward with classic punk rock riffs.

‘Big Mouth’ is one of the strongest tracks, progressing and driving forward the aggressive lyrics. It really kicks the punk rock back into the album, along with ‘Coming After You’, Kelly Ogden cuts the sugar coating and delivers some raw vocals, breaking almost into shouts at times.

‘Om Nom Nom’ brings an end to the 13 track album in the fashion it started, fast riffs and some great licks by Kelly on bass. Overall the album is classically punk rock with just enough pop to make each track stick in your head like toffee to your teeth. The only overriding issue is whether this old style of punk rock can stand up and be heard in 2010. It’s certainly loud enough to be heard but it’s not exactly challenging or progressing a genre of music that while being fun and executed well is endlessly predictable.


'A Little Messed Up' by The Dollyrots is released on August 17th through Blackheart Records.

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