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Album Review: Ghost I'm Gone - Shirtless EP

After the random spastic first three tracks, which all last less than two minutes and also all lack any form of a melody, a riff or a structure, We make our way to the fourth track on the EP, '...When My Teeth Start To Rot' which highlights two very important issues that are affecting children across the world, tooth decay and obesity. It were as as if someone left the record button on whilst they were having a slash and someone else was sat there eating a pack of skittles whilst the guitarist was fucking around. Hey guys, let's try and be Pink Floyd! Erm, no.

'This Is Totally My Hat Now' has the potential to be a modestly sucessful song around a group of around 29 people, that is of course, if the drummer were to stay in time and the vocals were remotely coherent and also if the song were longer than a minute and a half. 'Ship Happens' opens with a Rise Against inspired guitar intro and also happens to be the longest song on this EP, clocking in at around two minutes, this is only song that I'd even consider giving a second listen to if my iPod was on shuffle.

If we were in the early 90's then this would be borderline acceptable, Ghost I'm Gone are pretty much the band opening for Green Day during the 'Sweet Children' days but only managed to get that spot due to the bassist's uncle owning the venue. But with a singer who constantly sounds drunk and slurs and shouts all his words, writes the weirdest and most clichéd lyrics and manages goes out of time with the entire band. I don't even think i'd enjoy this if I were stoned. It's clear from listening to this EP, looking at the band's MySpace & Facebook pages and also checking out their record label and it's consistent use of unauthorized images and likely multiple infringements of copyright that this band really doesn't take themselves seriously and really, it's best that you don't too.


'Shirtless EP' by Ghost I'm Gone is available now through BandCamp.

George Gadd

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