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Album Review: Rosaline - The Vitality Theory

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Post-Hardcore is a tricky genre to work in, as it can go so well and can also flop on it's face if it hasn't got the right elements or sound. Rosaline, from Chicago, have got all the power and energy that makes this genre, and tie this with very catchy tunes, and you're looking at a pretty decent album. This is their sophomore release.

The album opens with 'The Messenger', 'Infinite' which crashes into a massively epic number, with subtle vocal harmonies, screams and a huge chorus. The two vocalists work together perfectly, sometimes layering up and sometimes just taking things in turn. 'London Lost Its Fog' is slightly more subdued, littered with simplistic riffs and feedback that you could listen to round and round. Don't be fooled though, it all comes back in, and there are even the odd double pedal chug sections appearing once or twice.

The Rosaline sound throughout the album is strong, keeping the whole 'epic' Post-Hardcore sound there, with great little additions. The production really makes it, as this would be no where near as effective if they couldn't get the raw energy and excitement across. More hardcore/metal bits pop up every now and again, and I for one am always in favour of some gang vocals and a beatdown; it just works.

'Face Like Thunder' is one of my favourites from the album. It has so much energy it will no doubt have you dancing. Massive beatdowns come throughout, and the chorus has some awesome vocal harmonies. The beatdown just over halfway through is amazing, leading into a middle-eight that makes for a great shift from before.

This album has some great tracks on it, and the production is what makes all the difference for me. Solid songwriting, a few musical surprises here and there and screams that don't blow everything out of the water give the album its success.


'The Vitality Theory' by Rosaline is available now on Good Fight Music.

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Mark Allen

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