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Album Review: Violent Soho - Violent Soho

Australia's Violent Soho showcase a scrappy, dirty rock sound with this self-titled effort. Luke Boerdam screams his way through the opening moments of 'Here Be Dragons', whilst the bands early 90's alt-rock tone, provides a somewhat favourable nostalgic tone. Whilst lead-off single 'Jesus Stole My Girlfriend' continues the bands scrappy, rugged sound that wallows into pure teenage angst.

Elsewhere 'Son Of Sam' and 'Generation' are reminiscent of fellow countrymen The Vines or Nirvana, as the former is a fast, chaotic grunge-filled number with Boerdam's raw vocals fitting the bands sound. In a similar fashion, 'Generation' shows the bands potential as a rock radio band, with a simple, anthemic chorus line; "This is my generation". Although not original, its effective and gives the band a bit more variation.

Additionally 'Outsider' sees the introduction of acoustic guitars and an overall softer side from the four-piece. Boerdam is calm as his voice drips over plucky guitars with occasional surging strings. The track proves to stand out, as it leaves you captivated and provides a momentarily break from the bands louder style.

'Slippery Tongue' begins a summery number with swirling vocals, before breaking out into the bands usual bass-heavy tone but thankfully they show a good sense of structure, as they go back and forth between both.

The albums later moments could be considered as "fillers", as the bands earlier moments are, to an extent, rehashed. 'Bombs Over Broadway' once again sees screaming vocals blasting through sloppy (but acceptable) guitar work and 'Narrow Ways' rounds off the album ok but not brilliantly; a steady paced tracks with a swaggering tone.

Violent Soho does have to decent moments, especially at the start and in the middle, but you are equally left with the feeling that, they could of perhaps done something a bit more in places. As a unit they are tight throughout, and their grunge/garage alt-rock sound works well for them. Nonetheless 'Violent Soho' proves to be a good enough record, to get the band noticed and recognition.


'Violent Soho' by Violent Soho is released on August 2nd through Defacto/Ecstatic Peace!

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