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Exclusive Sam Little Tour Blog: Day Five

Day Five: Norwich

"I'm woken up by the boys in a classic tour fashion. Video camera's out and they all bundle themselves on top of me. Very much like the dream I was having, except none of them are Hayley Williams. We're off to Norwich today, which should be awesome. If it happens. We stayed just outside Ipswich last night, so we're gonna take a small venture into town to grab some 2pm breakfast. Boys in bands take forever to get ready. It's not that they're not efficient at getting ready, or I'm dead quick, it's just that the more people there are to get in the shower, organise and get ready, the longer it takes.

Breakfast was disappointing. The vegetarian option consisted of the same stuff as the regular breakfast but without the meat and for the same price. Fully got ripped off but it was one of those things where you don't mind cause the people that work there are beautiful. Like when you go to a hair salon and you pay ridiculous amounts but the person washing your hair is dead pretty so it's all good. Come off it, we're all guilty of doing it.

It's only an hour and a bit drive to Norwich and we're hoping to just miss rush hour traffic. Everyone's feeling and looking pretty tired minus Jonny who's air drumming like a madman. Signs to Norwich have just started appearing, which is nice. Apparently the promoter for today is 16 and it's her first show. We're outside the venue, I've become really hyper all of a sudden, and we're all really up for the show tonight.

Attendance isn't too bad already, and we've only just turned up for sound check. They Sink Ships are shortly behind us in arriving. They're one of the best young upcoming UK bands and they're worth a listen if you've not heard them.

I'm on first as we're running behind and it makes more sense for me to go on, as I have the least stuff to set up. Played a few new songs which I'm really excited about. There's one where I do my own delayed backing vocals and it always makes me smile. Sold some shirts, so I must've done okay. Next on are Maycomb, who are tighter than the majority of tonight's attendees haha. Their new song Dynamiter is SO good, I want to bagsy onto the recording of it somehow.

Halfway through their set, five guys pull me to the side and ask if I've played. After telling them I have, and seeing the disappointment on their faces, I decide to play an impromptu set in the car park for them but apparently the woman that owns the venue really liked my set and wants me to do it in the pub half of the B2. VENUE UPGRADE BONUS!. I'm pretty happy to please, as the ladies and Simon (Maycomb) will agree.

After a few hours of being a hyper child (confectionery induced) , I'm starting to wear down my ridiculous amounts of energy in time for They Sink Ship's set. They open their set to a line of adoring girls singing every word, which must feel pretty good. I join them for a song and I remember how much I enjoy being a frontman. I know I'm technically a frontman already, but I mean having the ability to just sing and throw down.

Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail used to be my all time hero when I was 14. Obviously I was awesome. I think I wore converse and guyliner to my prom cause of that band. God, I've love to go back in time and kick some sense into my young self.

We're now on the way to the promoter's house, who I should remind you is 16 and is also bringing her friends back to have a mini party. She's offered us pizza and breakfast, we're not really gonna turn her down though her mum's totally going to hate a band of 20+ guys turning up. It's gonna be brilliant. The banter in the van is ridiculous. We're talking highly inappropriate and borderline scary, but they're harmless. I hope.

Flicknife's asked me to call him Jimmy, which is his real name, for the rest of the blog. He's the one that wants to have rough sex to see if it's good (see day four), ladies be warned/ready. Jimmy Taylor on Facebook he wants you to know.

Tomorrow's in Bath with Make Out Kids who are some of the nicest guys I've ever met. Tom from Pandycane is coming down as well. It's gonna be party central, because we've got a day off on Thursday. Jager'o'clock.

So quite surreal but we're now having a sleepover in her front room watching Black Knight. The tagline is "A comedy about a man out of his time and out of his mind". It's literally brilliantly rubbish. The guys are playing a drinking game where they have to chug their beers whenever he says 'damn' 'shit' or 'whack'. I think they're drunk to say the least.

Also, I've just remembered I spun fire and nearly set myself on fire. Efficient."

14 Jul - Green Park Tavern Bath
16 Jul - Purple Turtle [Fleeing From Finales set] Camden
17 Jul - The Central Nottingham
18 Jul - West Street Live Sheffield
19 Jul - The Fenton Leeds
20 Jul - Sound Bar Birmingham
21 Jul - Sound Bar Birmingham
22 Jul - Retro Bar Manchester
24 Jul - Blues Loft High Wycombe
3 Aug - The Musician w/ Jose Vanders & Luke Leighfield Leicester
5 Aug - Boileroom w/ In Gratitude Guildford
6 Aug - Hamptons w/ In Gratitude Southampton
7 Aug - The George w/ In Gratitude Luton
8 Aug - The Orange Box Yeovil

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