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Interview: Runner Runner

Later this year Runner Runner release their new self-titled album. Since forming in 2008, the band have gone on to praise from several press outlets and have played shows alongside Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Gym Class Heroes, Angels & Airwaves, The Higher, The Audition and The White Tie Affair.

In the build-up to the new album, their new single 'So Obvious' was recently released to a great response, and the album itself will be released on Capitol Records, Clear Entertainment/C.E. Music (a new label formed by David Letterman’s Worldwide Pants Inc.) and MRV.

Frontman Ryan Ogren spoke briefly to Alter The Press! about the new album, the video for 'So Obvious' and more.

Alter The Press: How did Runner Runner form?
Runner Runner: (We were) five best friends, whose previous bands had dissolved, still had a crazy passion for song writing and performing. Out of this passion, Runner Runner was formed.

ATP: You're about to release your self-titled album. How are you hoping fans respond to it?
RR: I can't wait to see how the fans react! We’re so proud of the album and were excited to get into the hands of all our fans! I think some stuff will be expected and some stuff will throw them for a loop. Ha ha, I love that expression. I think it’s an album that goes through a mix of emotions and feelings. It’s our lives in a song.

ATP: How was the experience recording the album with Dave Darling?
RR: He has become a personal mentor to me. He is a great producer and a great friend. He had a vision for this project from day one. We listened to each other’s ideas and respected each other’s opinions. It was a great working relationship. We couldn’t be happier with how it came out.

ATP: How has your experiences from your previous bands (Rufio, Over It and Don't Look Down) influenced the way Runner Runner works?
RR: We've put everything we’ve learned from our previous work into this project, from what we’ve learned on the road to the contacts we’ve made to the mistakes we’ve made in the past. It has all come together to make this band stronger, more dedicated and a family following their dreams.

ATP: Do you think being from Huntingdon Beach has a significant effect on how you sound or how you play?
RR: I think it’s a great place to hone your sound but as far as how we sound I don’t know if the general area directly affected how our music sounds. But when you wake up to the sun everyday who knows, maybe it helped us on a subconscious level.

ATP: How did your singing to David Letterman’s Worldwide Pants inc. come about and what made you sign with them?
RR: Dave's company actually found us. It was a dream come true. Working with someone of his stature is incredible. We had a lot of people over at his company believing in us and when we signed with them it felt a lot more like a family then a business deal.

ATP: Who came up with the idea for the ‘So Obvious’ video and how was the experience making it?
RR: The idea was the director Travis Kopach's idea, though the very end of the video I can take credit for. As soon as we read the treatment, we knew it was a very cool idea and something we wanted to move forward with. Technology is great and huge part of society but sometimes you need to stop or you might miss something going on around you, like a band playing in your living room.

ATP: You’ve got doing a fairly long tour with Secondhand Serenade and White Tie Affair. What can fans expect from these shows?
RR: We can’t wait for this tour to start. It’s gonna be upbeat, high energy, pure fun. We wanna meet every person at these shows. It’s gonna be a blast and we can’t wait to see everyone

ATP: What does the future hold for Runner Runner?
RR: Writing songs, hope to provide great performances, best friends....the future is ours and we would like to share our adventure with the world.

'Runner Runner' is released on September 28th on Capitol Records/Clear Entertainment/C.E. Music/MRV.

The video for 'So Obvious' can be seen here.

Runner Runner on MySpace, Twitter and Facebook.

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