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Patrick Stump Solo Album Update

Patrick Stump have posted an update, about his solo project.

Stump posted:

"This is the first tweet I'm typing myself. Gonna clear up some misinformation. Matt Rubano is playing in my band, he’s a genius, but he is not playing on the record. Mike Fasano isn’t playing on the record either, he’s my drum tech, and a damn good one. I’m still playing everything on the record and it’s almost done. “Outsider folk” was a mis-quote. I said “Outsider funk,” but it’s not even really that anymore. It’s basically an r&b album but as they say “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture…” You’ll have to just hear yourself. I'm going to disappear back to the studio but stay tuned...patience will be rewarded. I guarantee no Chinese Democracy."

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